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Paneer Moringa Buddha Bowl#TC9- HOPE,mealprep

Paneer Moringa Buddha Bowl#TC9- HOPE,mealprep

Cook Duration 00:30
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 721kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listpaneer -200gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listMoringa leaves/drumstick leaves - 20gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listspinach -50gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listspring onion - 30 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listcarrots - 50 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listFrench beans -50 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listcabbage - 50 gms.
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic - 10 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listfresh turmeric 2 inch peice
  • Recipe Ingredients listred chili - 2
  • Recipe Ingredients listghee - 10 gms.
  • Recipe Ingredients listcorrinader leaves - 6 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listsalt to taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listlemon juice - 1 tsp



1. Take garlic, fresh turmeric and red chillies in a mortor n make a course paste and add salt as per your taste. 2. Blanch all vegetables except Moringa leaves.( blanching depends on the crunchiness u want in a vegetable...if u want it more softer blanch it for more time otherwise add vegetables in boiling water leave it for a min or less and strain it )


3 .Take a pan ,heat it on a stove ,add 5 gms of ghee to the pan....from the above masala paste take a spoon of it ( leave some for remaining part of the dish)and add it to the ghee saute it...then add paneer cubes and stir fry it till golden brown.


4. take out the paneer once done the same pan add the remaining 5 gms ghee and masala( the one made of garlic ,red chillies,and fresh turmeric)...fry a little and then add Moringa leaves and ..stir fry it till done .


5. the last step is to arrange all the ingredients in your favourite bowl ...start with a base .. which cloud be any vegetable/ leafy I have first layered with blanched cabage then add the protein ..that is the sauted paneer....and then arrange all the other vegetables and greens and sprinkle sauted Moringa with the masala and corriander leaves and add a drizzle of lemon juice .
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