Anupam mishra


Anupam mishra

Hello, I am Anupam Adarsh Mishra aka AAM. 

I am certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in Sports Nutrition and a Fitness Model. 
I have helped, guided and transformed more than 300 individuals to follow a healthy lifestyle and to achieve their fitness goals.
Having 4+ years of experience in fitness I specialize in personalized fitness and nutrition plans. To me, fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby so I focus on building customized plans according to individual needs, medical condition, daily schedule and preferences so that fitness should be a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life.

Being active, energetic and more focused on client needs I am constantly learning through this journey, I always focus and work towards the well-being of my clients and also make sure that I am imparting them with proper knowledge and science behind this process and motivate and inspire them on their journey to live a healthy and fit life. So come join me for a life-changing? transformation and achieve that dream body you always wished for.

So let's begin the journey today!

Country of domicile - India

Contest Prep


Sports Nutrition


General well being

Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss

Specialized packages

ISSA Certificate

ISSA Certificate

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