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Flaring Elbows While Doing Bench Press?

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Bench Press: Flaring your Elbows? 🏋️‍♀️💪

Bench press starts with your bar directly over the shoulders. However, if you lower it to your shoulder level with elbows flared out at 90 degrees, the rotator cuff tendons get squeezed between the Humerus (upper arm bone) and AC joint. This could lead to impingement, and your shoulders will start hurting. So, pulling the elbows slightly inwards creates space under the acromion and lets you bench press pain-free. Where the bar lands on you will depend on your arm length, shoulder width, etc., but for most people, the bar should lower to mid-chest level. Additionally, It should be noted that elbow should be kept directly below the bar always to avoid any additional stress on the elbows. Content by Aditya Mahajan

Nishtha Gera

can you pls share a video explaining this

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