Homemade Easy Protien Pancake

⏳ Prep Time: 20 minute

Homemade Easy Protien Pancake

Nutritional Overview


663.2 kcal

48.2 gm

56.4 gm

27.2 gm


Oats (50 GM's)

2 Eggs (Whole)

Milk (100ml)

Banana Whey Protien (30 GM's )

Honey (10 GM's - Optional)

Blueberry Sugar Free Jam (20 GM's - optional)


Step 1

Mix Dry ingredients (Oats and Whey)

Step 2

Put the dry ingredients in a blender/Mixer

Step 3

Add Wet Ingredients ( Milk and Eggs)

Step 4

Blend/Whip them in the Blender/Mixer

Step 5

Batter is ready

Step 6

Brush butter in the Pan ( gms so use sparingly)

Step 7

Pour the batter into the pan to make small round shapes

Step 8

Let it cook on slow flame

Step 9

Turn it around and let the other side cook

Step 10

Makes - medium size pancakes

Step 11

Relish it with Honey or Blueberry Jam as per your Macros

Step 12

Enjoy medium sized Delicious Pancakes within Macros

Step 13

Note : Honey and Blueberry Jam is optional, eleminate the same if it doesn't fit or macros, also you can reduce all the quantity to Half to fit your Macros.

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