Vanilla Whey Fruit Custard

⏳ Prep Time: 25 minute

Vanilla Whey Fruit Custard

Nutritional Overview


142.2 kcal

6.15 gm

15 gm

6.4 gm


Milk - 200 ml or as per macros

Custard powder -1 big spoon

Whey - 40 gms unflavored or vanilla flavour

Vanilla Essence few drops

Sweetner - 15gms or as per taste

Fruits of you choice - I took Pomegranate -60gms, Apple -80gms, Banana -100 gms


Step 1

Heat thick base pan and add Milk, Boil the Milk and add sweetner

Step 2

Mix Custard powder in some water and make consistent solution

Step 3

Pour the mixture into milk and keep stiring at low flame till the solution thickens

Step 4

In another container, mix whey in water to make a solution

Step 5

once the Custard solution is thick.. turn off the flame and then add whey mix to it. let it cool

Step 6

Add all your fav fruits and refrigerate for - hrs...

Step 7

Enjoy Chilled

Step 8

Above quantity can serve people easily. So mentioned macros are divided to from total.

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