Soyabean Roti 100gms (Approx 4-5 Rotis) Swipe left more Images

⏳ Prep Time: 600 minute

Soyabean Roti 100gms (Approx 4-5 Rotis) Swipe left more Images

Nutritional Overview


427 kcal


43 gm


21 gm


19 gm




Step 1

Take gms of soyabean and roast until it appears to be brownish.

Step 2

let it cool down and get it grinded at home or outside locally at flour mill.

Step 3

Once the flour is ready, take gms of soyabean flour and take ml/gms of water.

Step 4

Boil gms/ml water and add salt to taste. once the water is boiled completely, add soyabean flour and mix it thoroughly to form Dough. keep it aside for mins.

Step 5

Divide the dough equally into to portions and roll out each portion into complete thin circle shape.

Step 6

Heat the non stick Pan and place the roti on it and cook it until small blisters appear. (Make sure you use non pan only)

Step 7

Now flip it over and once both side have blisters place it over the direct flames to get the fluffy and delicious rotis.

Step 8

Repeat for all other portions as well.

Step 9

Now the the rotis are ready and serve it with any sabzi of your choice.(I prefer eating brown chana or mong with soyabean roti)

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