Soya flour pizza

⏳ Prep Time: 30 minute

Soya flour pizza

Nutritional Overview


429 kcal

29 gm

40 gm

17 gm


20 GMs Soya chunks flour

30 GMs wheat flour

30 GMs each spinach, onion, capsicum and 15 GMs corn kernels

1 Amul cheese cube ( didn’t have mozzarella at home so used processed cheese cube instead)

- 1 tbsp pizza sauce

- 50 GMs paneer, 1tbsp curd

- pinch baking soda, salt to taste, oregano, chilli flakes etc


Step 1

- Mix soya and wheat flour in a bowl, add little salt, baking soda, pinch of sugar. tbsp curd, spinach puree( I boiled the spinach and made a paste to form puree) Make a dough. You will not need additional water as spinach and curd will be enough to bind the dough together. Let it rest for an hour

Step 2

- Meanwhile chop onions and capsicum ( you can use any toppings of your choice instead).

Step 3

Roll the though to form thick chapati like base. You can either roast it on a pan or bake in preheated oven for around - minutes.

Step 4

Once the base is done around -%, remove from oven/pan. Apply pizza sauce, toppings of your choice. I have put onion, capsicum, corn and paneer. Coat with grated cheese

Step 5

Bake at degree for around minutes or put on a tawa and let it cook for around - minutes with lid on

Step 6

Sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes or any seasoning of your choice. Trust me this tastes yumm 😊

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