Malpua Rabri Sandwich

⏳ Prep Time: 45 minute

Malpua Rabri Sandwich

Nutritional Overview


258.3 kcal


9.6 gm


31.8 gm


10.3 gm


White Flour 60g

Milk 400ml

Almond 2pc


Cardamom powder

Fennel powder



Step 1

In a bowl take maida add maida, fennel powder, cardamom powder, stevia and water. Mix all the ingredients and make a thick batter. Keep aside

Step 2

In a saucepan take water add cardamom powder and stevia boil till it reduces to half. Let it cool down.

Step 3

In a pot take milk boil it on high heat. Once milk is boil add cardamom powder and stevia and boil the milk till it becomes thick in consistency.

Step 4

Take a non stick pan and just apply ghee with help of a brush. Add the mixture on to the pan, cover and cook till it becomes firm. One by one do the same thing. Now put them in air fryer and fry for to minutes.

Step 5

Now take each piece of Malpua and dip it in stevia syrup.

Step 6

Take a piece of Malpua add Rabri and cover with another piece and again add Rabri and garnish with a piece of finely chopped almond.

Step 7

I used kaju just for plating. Macros mentioned per sandwich.

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