Chole Rice

⏳ Prep Time: 40 minute

Chole Rice

Nutritional Overview


620 kcal

20 gm

90 gm

20 gm


Chole 100 gm

Rice 60 gm

Ghee/oil 15 gm

Onion 1 medium

Green chilli 1

Chole masala,salt,red chilli powder

palak/spinach 1 bunch


Step 1

Soak Chole overnight

Step 2

Take spoon Tea leaves and boil. Add this water to chole and boil for - whistles in a pressure cooker.

Step 3

Tip- whistles on high flame and on low flame. You can add salt while boiling.

Step 4

The tea leaves contribute to the dark color of the chole.

Step 5

For Tadka : Add ghee to a pan, chopped onion and garlic paste and cook until light brown. Add tadka to the chole and add Chole masala. Take half a bowl of chole and mash the same and mix it again.

Step 6

Boil for whistle at a low flame. Garnish with Corainder and serve with steamed rice.

Step 7

for Greens . Wash and chop spinach/palak . Heat gms oil and add - cloves of smashed garlic . Add chopped spinach and saute until spinach is cooked. Add salt,turmeric and green chilli and cook until water evaporates.

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