wheat egg muffins

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wheat egg muffins
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How to make wheat egg muffins


Take a bread knife and cut the English muffins in the middle horizontally and toast it in a toaster and spread some butter to all the four slices and keep a side


Now take a heated pan and a steel ring (medium bangle size with 1/2 inch width) or an egg pouch pan and add


Add some butter in the middle of the ring on the pan and break open an egg in to it and let it cook for 2 minutes on high flame


Now simmer the flame and take off the ring and add some salt and pepper and turn it upside down and let it cook for a minute and place a cheese slice on it let it melt slightly and arrange the egg pouch and cheese in the middle of the muffin slices


Repeat the same with the other muffin and eggs too but instead of cheese I used Romanian lettuce for the second one


Eat it hot and enjoy the taste have fun 👍🏻😊