Vegetable biryani

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Vegetable biryani
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 1
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make Vegetable biryani


Preparation.. Chop onion, carrot, beans.. Boil water.. Cook rice till 80% with salt nd lemon juice nd little mint leaves.. Strain nd keep aside.. Marinate chopped vegetables and peas in whisked curd except onion... With ginger garlic paste nd salt chilli powder, garam masala.. For at least 10 min Put oil in deep utensil.. Put ur whole garam masala.. Now put chopped onion.. Fry till golden brown.. Add ur marinated vegetables...on low flame till oil leaves the sides.. Put paneer cubes.. Gently mix it.. After 2 min add boiled rice... Sprinkle some water on the top of rice.. So that they can get cooked 100 %... Cover it with lid.. Let it be on slow flame for 10 min... Open the lid.. Sprinkle with some fresh mint leaves nd parcley nd mix and serve..

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