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Veg Thali

Veg Thali

Cook Duration 45:00
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 435kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listRice -100 gms Dhal-40gms Soya-25gms Almonds - 8gms Onion- 1 small Tomato- 1 Curd-100ml Leafy green-150gms



For JeeraRice: Cook Rice and keep aside. Pour 10ml Ghee and add jeera as put Tadka Soya Chunks Curry: After washing Fry Soya chuks in ghee for 1 min until raw smell goes. In a blender add 15 gms fried onions , green chills, almonds and grind with 2 spoons curd. In a pan add 1 tomato and fry with all the spices like red chilli powder, coariander powder, turmeric and salt. Once ghee comes out add the grinded paste and mix well. Add some tamarind if wants tangy. Then add soya chunks and garnish with coatiander. Dhal Palak: Pressure cook dhal with half tomato for 3 whistels. Once pressure released add the fried onions with all the spices and pour the tadka into the dhal. Add the cut palak into the boiling dhal and simmer it for 10mins. Ginger and garlic optional
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