veg cigar rolls

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veg cigar rolls
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:30
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make veg cigar rolls


Take all the dry ingredients (all flour,curd,soda,salt as per taste,pinch Stevia,pinch ajwain) into a bowl ,make normal dough like rotis with the help of normal water.keep aside


take a pan to it add chopped capsicum beans and half onion add lil water to it and let it cook on sim gas..once done water will evaporate add salt ,red chilly powder lil oreganos,paneer nd lastly cheese mix everything well.. stuffing is ready


now make small balls from dough of the size u like ..roll like normal rotis but try to keep them lil thin..make rotis same way from full dough.


now take the rolled roti keep a spoon of stuffing on the side of roti,flap both the sides of roti on stuffing and roll the roti just like rolls .apply water to the edges so that roll gets sticked and remains in shape


bake in airfryer for 20 minutes..turn once in between to get colour on all the sides..ready to serve


Note- I haven't added a single drop of oil or topping over the rolls,u can apply butter ,milk, egg if u like. I have served with home made tomato sauce..enjoy