Thin crust pizza

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Thin crust pizza
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 01:15
  • Cuisine : Italian
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How to make Thin crust pizza


Warm quarter cup of water and add yeast to it. Let it rest till the yeast activates.


After 10 mins, take both the flours, add salt, add yeast mixed water spoon by spoon to knead the dough. Rest the dough for atleast an hour.


For preparing white sauce, in a pan add ghee and 1 spoon wheat flour (keep 1 spoon aside from the flour). Then roast the flour and ghee till the flour leaves aroma. Add milk and keep stirring. After a boil add grated cheese. Thicken the sauce for 4-5 minutes while continuously stirring.


After the dough is rested, divide into 2 balls. Roll the ball into a thin roti. Then add half the quantity of pizza sauce on the base, then spread the prepared white sauce, add veggies of your choice, add half the quantity of paneer. Spread some dried herbs.


In a pre heated oven bake the pizza for 15 mins on 180 degree.


Your thin crust restaurant style pizza is ready. This recipe will make you 2 pizzas.