Sweet Potato Sheera

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Sweet Potato Sheera
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 20:00
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make Sweet Potato Sheera


1.Boil sweet potatoes 2.Peel the skin and mash potatoes 3. Add milk in pan and put mashed potatoes in same pan ,cook on low flaw till milk gets evaporated . (one can use 50ml milk also to reduce calories,I have prepared this for my kid so use 100ml milk🤗) 4 .Put ghee on Sheera and cook for another 5 min on low flame. (one can use less ghee according to macros but taste is so good with extra ghee 🤪) 5.Now add jaggery and stir on low flame only.Cook until jaggery melted and evaporated little. I didn't add macros of dry fruits in above mentioned macro calculation.