Steamed stuffed rice cake (Fara)

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Steamed stuffed rice cake (Fara)
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:30
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Steamed stuffed rice cake (Fara)


1.Grind the chana daal.make fine paste don't add water...Paste is not very wet or not very thick. in chana daal mix.add all the ingredients. Except salt or ghee. 2.Take a pan or kadahi.put 1-1/2cup of water. Boil it add 1/2 tspn ghee and 1/2 tspn salt stir it and add 150g rice flour..Mix well cook for 2-3min.turn off the flame.let it cool...If mix is loose then add more 50g rice flour mix it with the help of your palm and make a smooth dough.keep aside. 3 Now add salt to chana dal 4 Take rice dough....Take a part and roll it with the help of rolling pin.make a big chapati..Take a small bowl or glass.and shape and sized the chapati in equal shape.take one piece on your palm stuff with daal stuffing.close it.Make all the fara like this.. 5 For steaming take a pan and put in water. When it comes boil.put greasd sieve.when vapour come out from it put fara cover with lid.. 6 If rice cake (Fara) is done check just like check the cake. 7 You can eat steamed fara with your favourite can eat fried/tadka fara also...