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Steamed Pumpkin Flower Rolls

Steamed Pumpkin Flower Rolls

Cook Duration 00:45
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 201kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listWheat flour 50g
  • Recipe Ingredients listStevia
  • Recipe Ingredients listPumpkin 75g
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt
  • Recipe Ingredients listWarm water
  • Recipe Ingredients listYeast
  • Recipe Ingredients listBaking powder half teaspoon
  • Recipe Ingredients listGhee 1g



In a large bowl, mix well all the DRY ingredients. Transfer the DRY flour ingredients to a large mixing bowl of a stand mixer and add in mashed pumpkin paste. Using a dough hook and on low speed, mix everything together or you can knead by hand. While mixing, slowly add in water and stir until mixture forms a slightly sticky dough. The amount of water added maybe less depending on how concentrated is the pumpkin paste. Continue to knead until the dough is soft, smooth and pliable (not sticky). You can also do it with hand.


Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, knead slightly and divide the dough into two equal portions for easy handling. For each half of the dough, roll into a long log and cut into small pieces. Ensure the buns to be of the same size then roll each cut dough into balls. Using a rolling pin, flatten the round balls into round thin shape. Then arrange five flattened dough balls in one straight line, overlapping one another. Using a fork, press down lightly over the layered circles of dough at the joints to secure in place. Then, starting from one end, roll up the dough. Roll it into a Swiss roll. Once the Swiss roll is formed, just roll a little with the palm of hand to secure the seams. Next, using a pastry cutter or sharp knife, cut each Swiss roll into two equal pieces at the centre. Place the rolled flower buns cut side down on paper cases and then place on a tray on a steamer.


Cover and set aside in a warm place to rise until doubled in size, about 20 to 30 minutes. When done, off the heat but leave buns in the steamer for another 2 to 3 minutes before removing from steamer. This will ensure the buns will not shrink after cooling down.
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