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Steamed fish in mustard

Steamed fish in mustard

Cook Duration 00:20
Food TypeNon-Veg
Recipe Calories 122kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listFish 1 piece. I used fresh ones, you can use frozen too. Can be Hilsa or salmon or tilapia or prawns For the Paste Mutard Seeds ~ 3 tbsp Posto or Poppy Seeds ~ 3 tsp Green Chilli ~ 3 Salt ~ a pinch Soak in warm water for 30 minutes and then grind to a paste The Mustard-Poppy Seeds Paste ~ use almost 3/4th of the paste, makes little less than 1/2 cup. If the paste is too pungent for you, you can sieve the paste and use the more liquid mustardy water mixed with a little of the thick paste. Grated Coconut ~ 1/2 cup fresh or frozen. You can use more if you want Yogurt ~ 1/4 cup thick beaten yogurt. Turmeric Powder -- 1/2 tsp Sorsher tel or Mustard oil ~ 2 tbsp Green Chilies ~ 4 Salt -- to taste



Wash the fish. Mix the fish with salt and turmeric and keep aside for half an hour. Make a smooth paste with mustard seeds, poppy seeds, 3 green chillies, a little salt and water. In a container which you can steam or which you can put in the pressure cooker, mix the fish with mustard paste, yogurt and salt according to taste. I also add just a pinch of sugar. Slit 4/5 green chillies and add to above Add 2tbsp of Mustard Oil to this, drizzle liberally on top that is Add some fresh grated coconut to this. If using frozen grated coconut defrost and then use.
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