spinach beet and oats savoury pancake

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spinach beet and oats savoury pancake
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  • Cook Time : 00:20
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How to make spinach beet and oats savoury pancake


Grind and keep beet and spinach separately and keep in separate bowls ( add few teaspoons of water for grinding)


Weigh 60 grams of oats and add 30 grams in each bowl . Also the fine chopped veggies divide in same manner.


Now add salt and 1-2 tablespoons of water just enough to make thick batter in both the bowls and mix well . Leave it for 10 minutes


Now heat a non stick or cast iron pan, put the batter in centre and spread in a circle ( not to thick). Cover with a glass lid , so that you can see it it’s completely dry. Now remove the lid and drizzle few drops of oil and cook both sides . Repeat the same method and you will get approximately 4 medium pancakes.


Drizzle some ketchup or chutney or cheese and enjoy hot