Soya mixed veggies poori

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Soya mixed veggies poori
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:20
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Soya mixed veggies poori


In a mixer jar take soya chunks and grind it and make flour out of it. It should be like powder.


Now in a bowl take wheat flour add soya chunk powder, salt, red chilli powder and roasted jeera powder mix them together. Now slowly add water as required and make soft dough. Take ghee on your palm and apply on the dough and keep it aside for 20 mins


In a mixer jar take mixed veggies as salt and grind it. Keep this aside.


Take the dough after 20 minutes and knead again. Divide the dough into small or medium sized balls. Roll each one a little, place the stuffing in the center. Flatten the edges with your fingers. Cover and seal and flatten the ball. Make sure to press the disc first with your hand and then roll lightly.


Meanwhile in a kadhai or a pan heat ghee on medium flame. Once the ghee is hot put one poori at a time and fry both the sides.


Serve with chutney, yogurt or anything you like.