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soya litti chokha

soya litti chokha

Cook Duration 00:30
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 643kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listDough wheat flour-80 gms ghee-5gm ajwain-1/4tsp baking powder- pinch salt to taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listsoya filling soya flour-30g( grind soya chunks/granules into powder) garlic-10g ginger & green chili chopped salt to taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listChokha eggplant- 1pc ( bharta baigan) tomato-100g onoin-100g garlic-10g green chilli lemon juice 1 tsp rock salt and salt to taste coriander leaves chopped.



add all ingredients of dough in a bowl & prepare a soft dough..keep it covered and let it rest for 15 min.


filling - dry roast soya flour in a pan and keep aside. Once it cools down add chopped garlic,ginger,green chilli and salt to taste.


litti prep- make a small ball of dough & flatten it a bit to stuff a spoonful of soya filling and close properly so that no cracks remain. heat appe pan and brush it with very little oil,add those littis to it ,cover n cook on low flame for 15 min ,and keep flipping in between.


Chokha slit eggplant,and add green chilli &garlic pods inside eggplant and roast on open flame,till it's done from all sides. roast tomatoes too. now take off skin from both tomato n eggplant and mash roughly( garlic, chilli,tomato,eggplant) add chopped onions ,and salt to taste ,lime juice, coriander leaves ..mix well n let it chill in refrigerator. serve hot littis with chill chokha,coriander chutney and curd( optional)😋 ENJOY THE SOULFOOD


P.s- it made 5 littis with the given ingredients above ..you may use it according to your macros!!
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