Soya Kebab

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Soya Kebab
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:20
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Soya Kebab


1. Heat a kadhai,add jeera let it turn golden. 2. Add ginger garlic paste. 3. Add onion and cook till light brown on low heat. 4. Remove from fire.Add masala - salt,chat masala,red chilli powder,dhaniya powder. 5. Return to fire.Add tomato puree and choti illaichi powder. Stir. 6. Add the soya and mix. Add little water and cook for about a minute. 7. Add capsicum and cook for further 2 minutes. Remove from fire.Cool. 8. Add lemon juice and green chillies. 9. Add isabgol to bind the mixture. 10. Make balls of the mixture and flatten it and cook it on the tawa with olive oil. 11. Serve with hari chutney.

Kim Sondhi Khanna

isabgol is good to add?


Virendra Tilekar

good 💪