Soya Cinnamon Roll

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Soya Cinnamon Roll
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How to make Soya Cinnamon Roll


Boil the soya chunks in water until it turns soft, sieve it and squeeze out excess water once it cools down. Grind it to make a paste.


Now, take 2 tbsp water and heat it slightly (lukewarm water) and add yeast and 5gm sugar. You may add a pinch of salt and let it get active. (Follow the method mentioned on the package)


Then, in a bowl, mix wheat flour and all purpose flour and slowly add the above water. Also, add the soya chunks paste and knead it to get the soft dough. Initially, it will be sticky, but when you knead it for 10-15 minutes you will get the texture. Grease your hand with oil and let the dough be kept aside for 5 minutes, covering with plastic wrap or cloth.


Thereafter, roll it out using hands on a flat surface, while dusting some flour. cut rectangular shape out of it and then spread the oil. Now sprinkle cinnamon powder and zero calorie sugar and roll out from one end to other. Then, using knife or cutter, cut out approximately 1 inch pieces horizontally, keeping the elongated spiral parallel to you.


Line your baking tray with parchment paper and layout the rolls. Cover the plastic wrap and let it rest for 60-90 minutes.


Bake in the oven (otg) for about 15 minutes at 130degree C. Enjoy 😋


Note: if you are using soy flour, you would require more amount of water. Add as required separately.