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souffle pancakes

souffle pancakes

Cook Duration :6
Food TypeEggetarian
Recipe Calories 155kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list1 egg (room temperature) 15g Milk 15g Flour 1/2 tsp stevia 1 g butter few drops of lemon juice



separate the egg white and yolk in two small bowls. add the flour, milk, stevia to the yolk and mix it properly. add 2-3 drops of lemon juice to the white and whip till you get stiff peaks. take one spoon of the egg white and mix it with the yolk mixture, till it is nicely incorporated. now add the yolk mixture to the remaining egg white, and mix using a spatula or knife, making sure you don't lose the air.. this takes about 15-20 seconds ( make sure you don't over mix, or you ll lose the air). now brush a non stick pan very lightly with butter using a spoon make 3 mounds of batter on the pan, pour one TSP of water on the side in the pan, making sure it doesn't touch the batter. cover with lid and cook for 2 mins. now flip the pancakes, again put one TSP of water on the side and cover. again cook for 2 mins. bring it off the heat, and enjoy warm! this recipe makes 3 pancakes you can easily double/ triple/ quadruple the recipe, based on your macros!
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