So called fast food made within macros

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So called fast food made within macros
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How to make So called fast food made within macros


For burger Bun Atta Yeast Egg Salt Stevia Butter Warm water First add all the dry ingredients then add warm water slowly and knead it for 5mins. Cover and keep it in warm place... After 2hrs or so knead the dough once again make it the shape you like and bake it... This you need to figure it out as my oven doesn’t have temperature in degrees...


Mustard mayo made with one egg mustard sauce which had zero calories and 30g butter... All you need to put everything together and keep blending till it becomes creamy..


Grate cauliflower and mix with chicken keema and blend it in mixer add garlic paste,salt, pepper and paprika powder. Make it in shape of patties and grill or air fry...


Sauce hot and sweet Tomato Garlic Hot chilies Kashmiri chilies Stevia Lemon Boil them and then blend it in mixer.. cook till sauce becomes little thick...


Cut the bun in half and put layers one by one grate cheese and enjoy with fries with I made air fryer..