Roasted Chicken with Tomato/Spinach Sauce.

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Roasted Chicken with Tomato/Spinach Sauce.
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How to make Roasted Chicken with Tomato/Spinach Sauce.


Cut the Chicken Breast into Thin Slices , you can take help of the butcher when he was cutting the Slices for you.


Cover them up with Tumeric , Chilly power, Coriender powder , Salt and 5gm of oil. And keep it for 10 mins.


Meanwhile Cut the Spinach into Small Pieces and Saute them with 5gm of Oil . Once the Water goes out , put the Tomatoes ( cut into ) and cook along with it. Put Salt as per your taste.


Take a New Pan , put 10gm of Olive Oil , let it heat up. Add Zeera into it. Spread the Hot Oil evenly in the Pan and put the Chicken pieces over it.


Get it Cook both Sides , once you see the Brown color , Lower down the Flame and Cover up the Pan with Lid.


Let it Cook on both Sides under Low Flame .Put the rest of 10gm Oil to it.


Once you get to know the Meat inside is Cooked. You can move it to a Plate or Tray.


The Tomato/Spinach Sauce is already ready . Pour half of it on the Plate or Tray and rest the roasted Chicken on it . After which you can add the rest of the Sauce over and around the Chicken.