Ragi Vegetable Chapati/Tikki

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Ragi Vegetable Chapati/Tikki
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:15
  • Cuisine : North Indian
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How to make Ragi Vegetable Chapati/Tikki


1.)Mix All The Below ingrediënt without water,As tomato has enough to bind it in dough. 2.)Make Small Balls from dough 3.)Pat it by hand,As it will be little mushy so can’t be rolled 4.)Put in on cast iron tawa,Cook it for 3min each side 5.)Cook the roti on Direct Flame for 45sec each post 4min on tawa 6.)Put coconut Oil Over roti as per your taste/Requirement. Inspite of coconut,Mustard oil or ghee can be used.It tastes best with ghee.