protein cookie dough bites!

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protein cookie dough bites!
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How to make protein cookie dough bites!


Dry ingredients : Mix whey protein, 1tea spoon cinnamon, and all purpose flour and keep aside Powdered almonds and raisins, feel dry to mix nuts of your choice to the dry mix Wet ingredients : Mix 70g butter and melted jaggery quickly and add this to the dry ingredients and mix to a dough consistently Top layer bitter chocolate ganache : Heat Melted butter and cocoa powder using double boiler method on stove and pour over set dough to form top layer

Rachita Pandey

Hey lalitha Even I have tried this, n it came out so damn tasty 😊 Thank you For The recipe.


Mehta Viral

Hey Lalitha, did you used unflavored Whey or flavoured one? Thanks