Prawns rich vermicelli stir fry

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Prawns rich vermicelli stir fry
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  • Cook Time : 00:35
  • Cuisine : Thai
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How to make Prawns rich vermicelli stir fry


Bring water to boil and the vermicelli noodles and cook it until it becomes soft. Then strain it and run cold water through it and keep it aside.


Marinate the prawns with salt, ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder and keep it aside.


In a large skillet, add chopped garlic (10gm), oil/butter (10gm) and saute it until it turns light golden brown. Then, add marinated prawns and cook it nicely. Now, grind the onion and add it to the skillet. Saute it as well until it becomes translucent.


In mixer, add sesame seeds and peanuts and grind it coarsely so as to make it crunchy and add it as well while continuously sauting for about 2 minutes. Thereafter, grind coconut in a mixer adding little water (finely) as that of shredded coconut and add this to the skillet.


Thereafter, add the cooked vermicelli and mix all well. Add water if required.


In a separate pan, add remaining butter/oil, black gram flour, sesame seeds and saute it until light golden brown. Then, pour it over the vermicelli fry.


Garnish it with boiled egg slices, lime juice and chopped coriander leaves. Enjoy 😋


Tip : you may cut vermicelli into pieces with scissors before boiling so that it mixes well or you may cut it with knife after boiling.


Macros of boiled egg is not included


Note : you may garnish with fried onion/garlic additionally if it fit in your macros