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Prawn Mushroom Biryani

Prawn Mushroom Biryani

Cook Duration 00:45
Food TypeNon-veg
Recipe Calories 910kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list360 gm Prawns
  • Recipe Ingredients list300 gm Rice
  • Recipe Ingredients list250 gm Mushrooms
  • Recipe Ingredients list100 gm Onion
  • Recipe Ingredients list50 gm Greek Yoghurt
  • Recipe Ingredients list8 gm Ginger Garlic Paste
  • Recipe Ingredients list5 gm Green Chillies
  • Recipe Ingredients list20 gm Mint + Corriander
  • Recipe Ingredients listDry Spices (Chilly pwdr/ Turmeric/ Garam masala or Biryani masala)
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt to taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listWhole spices ( cumin seeds/ 1 cinnamon stick/ Bay leaf/ star anise)
  • Recipe Ingredients list10 gm oil+ ghee



Wash and Presoak rice ( prefer long grained basmati) in water for 30 mins.


Wash and marinate the prawns with 1/2 tsp of chilly pwdr, turmeric and salt.


Place a nonstick pot / pan on medium flame. Add ghee once warm put in the whole spices.


Next the sliced onions , chillies, ginger garlic paste go in saute till soft. Put in chopped mushrooms and give a mix.


Cover with a lid and let it cook for approx 5-6 mins till mushrooms leave water. Now add in the marinated prawns cover and cook further for 4 mins. Now remove the lid and cook till all the water evaporates from the mixture.


At this stage add in additional spices as per taste and 1/2 tsp of biryani masala, yoghurt. Give a mix. Drain and add presoaked rice. Mix everything together slowly. Now add water till it covers the mixture ( approx 550 ml ). Sprinkle the mint and corriander leaves on top. Add salt.Mix one last time. Close the lid and cook on low flame for approx 15 min or till you


Serve warm with sides or on its own.
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