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potato tuna salad

potato tuna salad

Cook Duration 00:15
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 392kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list1 large potato 100 grams green beans (steamed) 1 small green, red and yellow bell pepper Boiled American corns – ½ cup 1 Onions sliced thin 1 boiled egg cut into four pieces 3 large tablespoons curd 1 table spoon mayonnaise 1 pod garlic 1 table spoon olive oil Chopped coriander Salt and pepper to taste 2 wedges of lemon 1 small can of tuna in sunflower oil



Steam the green beans. Boil the potatoes, peal and dice them. Boil the egg, shell and dice. Boil the corn. Finely slice the .onions and bell peppers Add all the above ingredients in a large bowl. Add the tinned tuna and mix well. For the salad dressing, peel the pod of garlic and finely chop it. In a bowl add the curd, the mayonnaise, garlic, pepper, salt olive oil and the lemon juice. Add the chopped garlic and mix well so that the dressing gets infused with the garlic. If you want it a bit spicy, feel free to add some paprika powder. Add the dressing to the bowl of ingredients and a nice light , tasty and healthy salad is ready. 
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