Pita Bread

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Pita Bread
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Vegetarian Recipes
  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 8
  • Cuisine : Turkish
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How to make Pita Bread


add Luke warm water or 35degree c water and Yeast together and rest it for 15min or till the time the yeast blooms or leaves bubble . please make sure water is not hot as it will kill the yeast it should just be like warm


mix all the flour and let and mix it well with Yeast water and milk and butter and make dough . knead the dough atleast 15 to 20 mi or till the time its soft and dough doesnt break on stretching. if you have stand mixer you can use that as well.


let the dough rest for or two or till the time it double the size


once its double the size punch the dough and take it out of the bowl and make 8 to 10 small dough balls


cover the dough balls and let it rest for another 30 min


roll it like chapati but keep the thickness of pita for 1 or 1.5 inch


heat tawa and cook the pita bread from both the sides and let it puff up


once its puff up take it out of the pan and cut it half to fill your fillings


it's very important that the pita puffs up then only you can have pockets to fill. that's why thickness is important.


grill the chicken and cut it and mix this with all the veggies and stuff it in the pita bread