paneer roti pizza and mango shake

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paneer roti pizza and mango shake
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How to make paneer roti pizza and mango shake


Saute Vegetables: Take 5 ml of olive oil and let it get heated, add paneer cubes, spring onions, and capsicum and roast it until it gets black add pepper and salt as per taste.


Take For making tomato sauce: Boil tomato on medium flame for 7-8 mins. When it's boiled drain the water and peel of the skin. In a pan take 5 ml of oil add ginger garlic paste, boiled tomato and make its puree, oregano, chiily flakes, salt and pepper. For a sweetness I added tomato sauce and green chilly sauce as well and make a thick paste


Making: Place the pan over the stove and make phulka, remove the phulka, add all the ingredients and now grease the pan with olive oil, place the roti pizza over it and let it cook until the base gets crispy. I kept the pizza in microwave for 30 secs for cheese to melt. Add more oregano and chilly flakes and enjoy.!