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Paneer Roll

Paneer Roll

Cook Duration 20:00
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 533kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list30 gms Dahi
  • Recipe Ingredients list75 gms paneer cubes
  • Recipe Ingredients list35 gms of wheat flour
  • Recipe Ingredients list10 gms ghee
  • Recipe Ingredients listvegetables like cabbage carrot onion capsicum cut into long
  • Recipe Ingredients listherbs like jeera powder, chilli powder, salt,black pepper powder,chat masala
  • Recipe Ingredients listhandful of mint and coriander leaves
  • Recipe Ingredients listcumin seeds and small piece of ginger and lemon



1. Take dahi and add dry spices like jeera powder,chilli powder, black pepper powder,salt,chat masala. Add pinch of carom seeds and kasuri methi. Mix all these together and add paneer cubes to it. Let this sit for 15 mins.


2. Take a wheat flour and make one chapati out of it.


3. Put mint and coriander leaves in grinder. Ads cumin seeds and ginger to it. half lemon juice and salt to taste. Grind this and make a thick chutney out of it.


4. Add ghee into the pan. Add onions capsicum carrot and cabbage to it. Once veggies are fried for 2-3 minutes add salt,chilli powder,jeera powder, black pepper powder and half teaspoon tomato sauce. Tomato sauce will give tangy flavour. Can add red chilli sauce either. Mix all well and cool for sometime. Do not overcook the veggies as we need them crunchy. Remove them once done.


5. Add marinated paneer to the same pan once veggies are done. cook the paneer till dahi thickens and we get paneer tikka.


6. Now assemble the roll. Take a chapati. Spread mint chutney on it. Add veggies in the center and put paneer cubes on it. Roll the roti and your paneer roll is ready to eat. You can change the quantity as per your calorie requirements.

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