Paneer Pohe

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Paneer Pohe
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:15
  • Cuisine : Marathi
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How to make Paneer Pohe


1. Take a pan and heat 2. Pour the oil 3. You can roast paneer if u like before and if you have more quantity of oil in your diet chart. Also wash poha, rinse and let it sit 4. Add cumin seeds, onion, 5. Turmeric n green chillies salt as per ur taste 6. Add poha n paneer. mix well 7. let it cook for 5mins 8. Paneer pohe is ready to serve hot in 5mins by pouring lemon juice on top.


AnytimešŸ¤— I tried paneer n it tastes yum... Now its not just bread n eggs or cheese bht variety in breakfast woth poha and paneer


sue Nagra

Thank you For the recipe , I was wondering what do I do with poha?