Orange Donuts 🍩

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Orange Donuts 🍩
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How to make Orange Donuts 🍩


STEPS: 1. Mix all the dry ingredients first 2. Slowly add the wet ingredients and make the smooth batter without any lumps to a thick consistency 3. Add some orage zest and mix well 4. Oil the donut moulds using brush 5. Pour the batter and airfry it at 120 degrees for 15mins.. check if its done by piercing tooth pick if its clean its done… or else airfry it for another 2-3 mins. 6. Take it off airfryer and leave it on mould till it cools down 7. Once its cold take off from the mould carefully 8. Glace it with some melted dark chocolate cube , desiccated coconut, and some orage zest / as per your choice

Shubham Malik FCM