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Noodles dipped in coconut stew

Noodles dipped in coconut stew

Cook Duration 02:00
Food TypeNon-veg
Recipe Calories 832kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listWhite noodles - 60gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listOlive oil - 15gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listWheat flour/all purpose flour - 20gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listOnion - 60gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic - 10gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCashews - 10gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCoconut fresh - 50gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listEgg - 1
  • Recipe Ingredients listBengal gram flour - 5gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listRed chilly powder - 1tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listGinger- 5gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listSpring onion - 5gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCoriander leaves - 5gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listLemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt - as per the taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listChicken - 50gm



Using the wheat flour, make the dough out of it and flatten it using board and rolling pin and then cut it into broad strips or in cubes and keep it aside. Marinate the chicken with ginger-garlic paste.


In a pan/skillet , add oil and fry the above strips until it’s golden brown. Then add the chopped garlic (half) and saute it as well and take it out when it’s light golden brown.


In the same pan, add curry leaves, let it crackle then add grated onion and saute it until it’s translucent. Then add the chicken and cook it while stirring frequently. Then add red chilly powder and continue sauting it until the oil leaves.


Now, grind the cashews adding little water and continue sauting it for about 10 minutes


For preparing coconut milk - grate the coconut and then grind it in the mixture adding hot water and sieve out the liquid. Remove the water by pressing firmly in your hand. Repeat the process of grinding again adding hot water and sieving.


Now, add this to the skillet, continuously stirring it. Let it cook on low flame.


Afterwards, add boiled egg and bengal gram flour in a grinder adding little water and make the paste out of it. Add this to the coconut stew and stir it occasionally. Add salt and cook on low flame until the rawness disappears.


Meanwhile, boil the noodles in hot water, sieve it and run through cold water and strain it. Keep it in cold water for sometime to avoid stickiness. Then strain it finally and keep it aside.


In a big bowl, first layout the noodles, pour in the stew and then top it with wheat crust prepared before, garlic, egg, coriander leaves and spring onion and lime juice and serve hot😋

Ankita Gupta

that's very tempting, will surely try that.

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