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Nawabi Murgh

Nawabi Murgh

Cook Duration 01:00
Food TypeNon-veg
Recipe Calories 345kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list200 gm Chicken
  • Recipe Ingredients list25 gm curd
  • Recipe Ingredients listNawabi ghost masala
  • Recipe Ingredients listHalf Onion - 10 gm



Marinate chicken with curd and nawabi ghost masala (Keya) . Wait for 45 mins . Dry roast finely chopped onion , once it turns translucent and caramelised smell starts coming add your marinated chicken . Mix the onions with the chicken well and put a cover on . The chicken will start disposing water on it’s own . Once the water starts evaporating , you will know the masala is cooked . Now add some more water (enough to let the chickens swim , not covering them completely ) and let the cover on . You will no the chicken is done when the water is not there anymore and chicken look like the photo above . It’s an easy one and you get the Keya khara masala in most of the super markets now a days
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