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mutton pulao

mutton pulao

Cook Duration 40:00
Food TypeNon-Veg
Recipe Calories 1010kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listBoneless mutton  500 grams Basmati rice soaked for 30 minutes and drained 2 cups Fresh coriander leaves chopped 1/2 cup Garlic cloves 8-10 Green chillies slit 2-3 Ginger peeled 2 inch Onions medium, peeled and sliced 3 Ghee 2-3 tablespoons Bayleaf 1 Cinnamon stick 1 inch Black peppercorns 8-10 Cloves 6-8 Garam masala powder 1 teaspoon Browned onions for garnish



Step 1 To make green paste put coriander leaves, garlic cloves, green chillies and ginger in a blender jar, add a little water and blend to a fine paste. Step 2 Take mutton in a bowl, add salt, the green paste and yogurt. Mix well and set aside to marinate for 5 minutes. Step 3 Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add ¾ the sliced onions and sauté till they turn soft. Add the marinated mutton, mix well and sauté for 1 minute on high heat. Add 2 cups water, Rinse the blender jar with ¼ cup water and add it to the mutton and mix well. Cover with the lid and cook till 1 whistle on high heat. Reduce heat and continue to cook for 7-8 minutes or till mutton is ¾ done. Switch off heat and let the pressure reduce completely. Step 4 Strain the cooked mutton liquor into a bowl and transfer the mutton pieces into a separate bowl. Step 5 Heat 2-3 tbsps ghee in a deep non-stick pan, add bay leaf, cinnamon, black pepper corns and cloves amd sauté till fragrant. Add the remaining onions and sauté till it turns slightly golden in colour. Step 6 Drain and add the rice, mix and sauté for 1-2 minutes on high heat. Add a little salt and garam masala powder andmix well. Add 4 cups reserved mutton stock and mix. Cover and cook on medium heat for 5-6 minutes or till rice is ¾ done. Step 7 Add the mutton pieces in pan and spread them on the top. Cover the pan again and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. Step 8 Transfer into a serving bowl, garnish with coriander sprigs and fried onions and serve hot.

Neerushaa Nikhat

Is calories are per serving ?? Or in entire measured list you shared


Rasmi Ranjan Nayak

2 cups rice means how many grams?

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