Mutton Kebab and Tikka platter

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Mutton Kebab and Tikka platter
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How to make Mutton Kebab and Tikka platter


For tikka: Cut the meat into slices and marinate it with ginger-garlic-chilly paste, raw papaya paste, cream(half), curd, salt, lime juice, cinnamon powder, grounded cashew and watermelon seeds ( half portion) and pepper powder and keep it aside for atleast 3 hours


For kebab: Mince the meat and squeeze out the excess water. Grind the onion adding salt and squeeze out the water from it as well( you may use the muslin cloth to do so). In a bowl, add this minced meat and onion and mix all well. Now, add cream ( remaining) , ginger-garlic-chilly paste, grounded cashew, peanuts and watermelon seeds, salt, cumin powder, cinnamon powder and black pepper powder and mix all well. Afterwards, again grind it nicely in the mixer, in portions and get the thick smooth paste; you may check the consistency by taking a portion in your wet palm and try to make a ball. Divide this mixture into equal sized balls.


Now, using the skewers, skew the tikka from the first step and let it stand for about 10 minutes so that excess water drains out.


For kebabs: Skewer the balls, wet your hands and spread the balls by pressing each along the length of the skewers to make it long kebabs.


Now, barbecue it until it’s cooked on all the sides while continuously rotating it. Alternatively, you may grill it in oven.


Alternatively, you may use any meat or chicken, but when you use chicken no need to drain out the excess water.