Sheetal Anand

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Mushroom masala with potato mash and tomato soup

Mushroom masala with potato mash and tomato soup

Cook Duration 00:30
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 239kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list1 medium potato
  • Recipe Ingredients listButter 10 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listMilk 3tbsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listMushroom 100gm
  • Recipe Ingredients list1 onion
  • Recipe Ingredients list3 tomatoes
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic
  • Recipe Ingredients list1 carrot
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt and herbs
  • Recipe Ingredients list50gms tofu



To make the mushroom masala sauté 1 onion, 1 tomato and garlic in a tsp butter and when cooked add mushrooms and salt and cook till soft. For the potato mash boil 1 potato till super soft and mash thoroughly after cooking. Then take a pan, add 1 tsp butter, the mashed potato and 3 tbsp milk, salt and herbs or your Choice. Cool for 2-3 minutes. For tomato soup, pressure cook 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 1 onion and garlic. When soft, blend in mixer and cook for a few minutes till thick. Add tofu pieces, salt, black pepper and 1 tsp butter for taste.
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