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lunch box ideas!

lunch box ideas!

Cook Duration 00:30
Food TypeNon-veg
Recipe Calories 560kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listRice - 80 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listEggplant - 100 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listBroccoli- 100 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listChicken breast -150 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCherry tomato- 3
  • Recipe Ingredients listWalnut - 3
  • Recipe Ingredients listCucumber - 1 small
  • Recipe Ingredients listPomegranate - 30 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listParsley - 2 stalk
  • Recipe Ingredients listApple - 1/2 of one
  • Recipe Ingredients listBlueberry - 8
  • Recipe Ingredients listCoconut oil - 10 ml
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt, pepper- as required
  • Recipe Ingredients listChilli powder - 1.5 tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listTurmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listLemon - 1/2 tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listChilli flakes- 1/2 tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listOnion - 1/2 of one small



Soak the rice and cook in enough water till properly cooked. Drain the water and keep aside.


Cut broccoli into florets. Boil water in a pan and add the broccoli. Boil till done ( will take around 5 minutes). Drain to a colander. Once properly drained, sprinkle salt, pepper and lemon.


Cut eggplant and onion. Heat around 7 ml Of oil. Add onion, salt, turmeric and chilli flakes. Add eggplant and cover and cook till cooked well.


Make a paste using salt, turmeric, chilli powder, 3 ml oil and enough water. Pound the chicken breast until the thickness is even. Marinate the chicken well and airfry at 200 deg for 10 minutes.


Cut cucumber, apple, cherry tomato, pomegranate, parsley, blueberry, walnut ( if lettuce is there, add it. I didnt have. You can add any fruits/veggies) mix well. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon juice. Mix well.


If you have cooked rice and with a bit of multitasking this could be made in 30 Minutes!
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