Lobongo Latika

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Lobongo Latika
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:45
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Lobongo Latika


Step 1 : Firstly Take 500 milk in a wide and heavy bottom pan. Put it to boil till it reduces to half.. Keep stirring in between till the milk reduces and thickens up.. Now add elichi powder and stevia... The texture should be like kalakand... Remove from heat and transfer it into a bowl.. It’s easy to scrape out completely..


Step 2: Make almond powder and keep it aside.. Wash apple and peel it.. Cut into pieces and blend in in mixer... You can grate it also.. In a pan heat ghee on medium heat.. Once ghee is hot add the apple... Cook the apple till all water is evaporated.. Now add stevia and elichi powder and mix... Then add almond powder and mix them nicely... When it cools down add kalakand... Keep it aside


Step 3 Make syrup with stevia and keep it...


Step 4: Ti being with the base of the dessert we need to make a dough using Atta, a pinch of backing soda, little stevia, ghee and water... knead this into a soft dough and divide into equal parts... Roll the balls in the shape of poori... Put the filling and fold from all sides... Prick a clove at the center... Then air fry them... once it’s done put Lobongo Latika in syrup for 15 to 20 mins...


Take them out and serve with remaining mixture...


wow even after using Stevia and airfrying it has 812 cals 😋 and i used to binge on the ones with sugar and deep fried ones like anything 🤨. u r genius , i really wait for your recipes.