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Lauki Muthia

Lauki Muthia

Cook Duration 00:40
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 291kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listBottle Gourd 200g
  • Recipe Ingredients listPlant Protein 20g
  • Recipe Ingredients listSoya Chunks Powder 30g
  • Recipe Ingredients listPsyllium Husk 10g
  • Recipe Ingredients listCoriander Green Chilli Paste
  • Recipe Ingredients listLemon 1
  • Recipe Ingredients listSpices Salt, Pepper,, Turmeric, Stevia /Sugar
  • Recipe Ingredients listFor Tempering Ghee 10g Mustard Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Curry Leaves, Green Chillies



Peel n Grate Bottle Gourd Squeeze lightly to remove excess water Add Plant Protein, Soya Chunk Powder n psyllium Husk Add Coriander Chilli paste, Spices, Stevia(1 sachet) /Sugar (5g), lemon juice Mix well.. It should be soft dough like consistency Now apply some oil in your hands.. N make long cylindrical Rolls Grease Steamer with ghee n put these rolls to steam for 30 mins. Then take out n cut each roll into small pieces. For Tempering Take 5g ghee in Non Stick pan Add curry leaves, Sesame n mustard Seeds As they start to crackle, add green chillies n these steamed n cut pieces Cook them till golden brown on both sides!! Serve with coriander chutney or dip of your choice!!

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