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Lasagna- Easy and tasty Breakfast recipe from scratch.

Lasagna- Easy and tasty Breakfast recipe from scratch.

Cook Duration 30:00
Food TypeEggetarian
Recipe Calories 911kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listWheat flour
  • Recipe Ingredients listMulti purpose flour
  • Recipe Ingredients listSoya flour
  • Recipe Ingredients listBaking soda
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt and Water
  • Recipe Ingredients listVegetables- Onion, Tomatoes, Carrot, Capsicum, french beans, spinach.
  • Recipe Ingredients listHerbs and spices- Ginger garlic, Black pepper, Chilly flakes, Oregano.
  • Recipe Ingredients list3 whole eggs and 2 egg whites
  • Recipe Ingredients list3 cheese slices or 75 g mozeralla cheese



1. Use all flours to roll down thin sheets of lasagna. Yes! It can be made at home. No need to buy it from anywhere. Sheets should be super thin and transparent. Add salt, water and baking powder to it while making the dough. Dry it for 20-30 mins 2. Chop all the vegetables and sort them in Ginger garlic paste and other herbs and spices 3. Prepare a sauce using Tomato and onion puris. and fry then in oil till nicely cooked. 4. Now in a pan/ try assemble all the above ingredients step by step 5. Put the lasagna sheets Add sauses on top of it. Add all the vegetables Some herbs and spices acc to your taste Add the raw Whole egg and Cheese on top of it. And you are done with 1st layer. 6. Hold on! We are going to make 3 layers of it. Again repeat the assembling process and make 3 layers of it. 7. Now if your using pan, keep it on gas low flame for about 20-25 mins till cheese starts melting and changes the colour from white to brown. If your baking in oven then you need to cover it with foil to avoid drying if above layer. Heat it for 30-40 mins at 375* F. 8. Remove it from the pan/oven. Let it cool down a bit, cut into desired pieces and enjoy your dish! Trust me you’ll not stop eating it. 🤪
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