Laal Maas

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Laal Maas
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Nonvegetarian Recipes
  • Food Type : Nonveg
  • Cook Time : 00:30
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Laal Maas


Heat the pan add ghee in a pressure cooker and add whole garam masala and saute them until they turn aromatic.


Add onions and green chilli and mix well. Saute them until the onions turn golden brown. For this recipe the onions should caramelized.


After the onion turns its brown color add tender meat sort the meat till it looses the the water from it.


Now add the ginger garlic paste to the meat mix it well and let it cook at least for 5 mins to release all the raw flavors.


In the next step add salt and turmeric powder to the meat and mix well


Then cover the lid and keep the flame low and let it cook for another 10 minutes until the ghee oozes out from the meat.


Then add coriander and cumin powder, meat masala powder and mix well . This masala powder also be blend with the meat flavours. So the process need a low flame and the cooking should done slowly. Add beaten curd to the curry while it is in low flame mix well.


Now and Kashmiri red chilli paste which is soaked in boiling and blend it into a fine paste. After adding the chillie paste let the curry cook so the red chilli paste will mix with the curry. Add water and close the lid. After 4 to 5 whistle you can check the meat. Cook if further required.


You can make it either gravy or dry masala. Serve with roti or rice.