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Korean Fiery Hot Seitan

Korean Fiery Hot Seitan

Cook Duration 1:30
Food TypeVegan
Recipe Calories 195kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listVital wheat gluten 27g
  • Recipe Ingredients listChickpea flour 10g
  • Recipe Ingredients listGochujang 5g ( hot red chilli paste alternative)
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic powder 10g
  • Recipe Ingredients listSoya sauce 1tbsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listTomato ketchup 1tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listButter 3g
  • Recipe Ingredients listVegetable broth 400ml (I have used mix veggies, mushrooms (for umami taste), ginger, garlic scallions, salt to season my broth)
  • Recipe Ingredients listStevia (as per taste) I used 3g
  • Recipe Ingredients listSesame seeds 2g (toasted)
  • Recipe Ingredients listGinger 5g (minced)
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic 10g (minced)
  • Recipe Ingredients listPepper powder 5g
  • Recipe Ingredients listGochugaru 5g ( spicy red chilli powder alternative)
  • Recipe Ingredients listVinegar 1tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listScallions for garnish (sliced)
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt as per taste



Step 1) Making seitan - In a bowl add 27g vital wheat gluten +10g chickpea flour + 10g garlic powder + 1/2 tbsp soy sauce + salt + 120ml vegetable broth and mix well with spoon. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes.


Step 2) Remove the spongy /springy mixture, drain away the excess broth.


Step 3) cut 3 strips out of the mixture. Wrap it spirally around the skewer (you can just cut the long strip and skip the wrapping step).


Step 4) Add the strips to vegetable broth and boil on low flame for 1 hour. (keep the vegetable broth of strong taste, mine has mushrooms boiled for the umami taste, along with other veggies, ginger, garlic and scallions... Broth gives flavour to the mock meat and removes wheaty flavour)


Step 5) Remove from broth and let it cool outside


Step 6) While the sietan is boiling, in a nonstick pan add 3g butter +10g minced garlic + 5g miced ginger. Saute for 3-4 mins. Add gojuchang 5g + gochugaru 5g +stevia and 30ml of vegetable broth. Simmer for 3-4 mins. Add 1/2 tbsp soy suace + 1tsp vinegar +pepper powder 5g + tomato ketchup 1tsp. Switch off flame. Add salt as per taste.


Step 7) Marinate the cooled seitan in the prepared sauce for 15 minutes


Step 8) Grill it on all the sides for 3-4 mins each. I grilled it in the end on open gas flame to give it some little char.


Step 9) garnish it with sesame seeds and scallions chopped


Note- the vegetable broth plays a very important role, and gives major taste to mock meat *gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive - this recipe contains gluten
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