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Kheema Egg Roti

Kheema Egg Roti

Cook Duration 00:50
Food TypeNon-Veg
Recipe Calories 424kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list100 gm Chicken mince Ginger garlic paste garam masala red chilli powder Cumin powder Green chillies finely chopped 1 small Onion finely chopped Coriander leaves finely chopped Salt Lemon juice 1 egg 40gms Wheat flour 10ml ghee Water for kneading dough



•Knead a smooth dough out of wheat flour . Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes. •Meanwhile heat 3 ml oil in a kadai or a wok. Add ginger garlic paste first and then the rest of the spices. Saute all of these well for a minute. Add the chicken mince now. Cover and simmer on low flame for 15 minutes or until cooked. •Heat a griddle or a pan. Divide the dough into equal sized balls(I made 3). Roll them as you roll chapatis. Now comes the interesting part of roasting the chapatis, roast it only a little bit on both the sides just until some brown spots are seen,it should not be completly roasted . They should be soft. •Beat an egg and add salt and chilli powder as per you taste • Now place 1/3rd of the mince stuffing on one chapati and add 1/3rd of the beaten egg on the stuffing. •Fold the chapati as an envelope or a parcel and shallow fry them on both the sides on a low flame until crisp. After folding, just brush a little beaten egg on it to secure it nicely. This will take about 5 minutes for each to get done. •Serve them hot with mint chutney.
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