Keto Pizza

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Keto Pizza
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  • Food Type : Eggetarian
  • Cook Time : 50:00
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make Keto Pizza


Take 200 gms of riced cauliflower (grated cauliflower) and microwave/pan fry it for 5-6 mins. Let it cool and then take the cauliflower into a cotton cloth and squeeze it to hardest possible. So that all the water should be drained off from cauliflower


To the above cauliflower dough add 20 gms of cheese, break your egg and add it, add some salt and pepper (optional) then mix them all well


Spread the above mix on parchment paper and bake oven it for 20 mins / pan fry it but I would suggest you to use oven if you had one


After 20 mins you got your pizza base ready, now flip your base, remember to flip it and then if you have any low calorie sauce you can add it else you can ignore and after add all the toppings to start with paneer, spinach, cheese, onion and mushroom


Remember to add cheese only after paneer, otherwise it may taste blunt


Spray the little oil on top everything, if you had 0 calorie oil spray you can use it else normal oil would work


Now again bake it for 20 mins or pan fry it with lid on the top of it till it is well cooked