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Indian Sweet Flatbread

Indian Sweet Flatbread

Cook Duration 01:00
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 126kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listPigeon Pea Splits/Toor daal - 250gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listAll purpose flour/Maida - 300gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listGhee- 50gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listSugar lite - 50gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCardamom powder - 1 tsp



Soak the daal overnight or at least for 3-4 hours. Then boil it adding 1-2 cups of water until it becomes soft. Let it cool down and then, grind it in the mixer to get the paste.


In a nonstick pan, add 10gm ghee, sugar, cardamom powder and the daal paste and cook it on low flame, while continuously stirring and scraping from sides using wooden spatula. To check the final consistency, take a small portion in the plate, let it cool down and try rolling a ball on your greased palm. If you could do it, then it’s ready or otherwise cool for some more time. Then, once it’s cool down to room temperature, make equal sized balls out of it.


Now, prepare the dough, in the flour processor or using hands. For the same, add Maida, a pinch of salt and ghee 10gm and mix it well. Slowly add water and knead it continuously until you get the soft dough. Let it rest for about 30 minutes.


Divide the dough into same portions as that of daal balls. Take a portion of dough, flatten it on the board and then insert the ball and start gathering the edges, pinch in the center to seal. Flatten it with the help of your hands.


Dust little flour and roll gently into 5-6 inch diameter roti. Heat the tawa or skillet on medium heat. Once hot place one poli and let it cook on the bottom side, you will see small bubbles on top. As you see bubbles, flip it. Cook it on tawa. Smear some ghee on top with brush. Flip and cook by pressing gently with the spatula. Flip and apply ghee and cook other side. By this time bottom part has few brown spots and it is cooked. Enjoy 😋

Vandana Tolani Dadwani

i make it with chana dal


Syed Zahed Ali

Wow another sweet dish will definitely try



my favorite dish😋. but it's long process to prepare.


Devina Prasad

This is my fav dish. 😍 Am definitely gonna try this ❤️

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